One Piece USA Cheat Code

Must Be On
96744DA3 2AE8
78F06BC9 75B4
D926B087 7197

Unlock All Extras

Collection Complete
91B60C92 9866
7F648F4D 6E97

Access All Areas
E72A84E4 4FDF

Maximum Score
2C45BF6F B080
A9459CED 4DD6
6A425AFC 599E

Have All Pirates
57B24730 4EBF

Have All Coins
5AF34B18 5EFD
0D7C8F78 6CF2

Have bomb
1A77C332 5ABD
AEF784C3 4BB9

945C94B0 6DF0

Infinite Lives
1CCD9F3E 68D0

Infinite Health
1A77C332 5ABD
AE6B8565 6ED5

Maximum Health
246E4745 6CD0

Infinite Power
1A77C332 5ABD
64738EEB 2930

Maximum Power
146E4774 6CD0

No Ambushes
99B2A8BA 912A

Moon Jump
92CC58BC 5FD9
97378D3A 4ABB

Skip Stage [Press Select+Up]
C3F8C0B1 9D7E
5D8D1695 AD8A

Skip Area [Press Select+Down]
47F8E731 C46E
D58D551F E84E