Pokemon Radical Red – Evolution Changes

Pokemon that evolve by Trading evolve with Link Stone(This does NOT account for Pokemon that need to hold items while trading)
Pikachu evolve to Alolan Raichu with Shiny Stone
Cubone caught in Lavender Tower evolve to Alolan Marowak
Exeggcute caught at Night evolve to Alolan Exeggutor with Leaf Stone
Electabuzz, Magmar evolve with Link Stone
Magneton evolves with Thunder stone
Feebas evolves with Prism Scale
Seadra evolves with Prism Scale
Rhydon evolves with Link Stone
Spiritzee with Shiny Stone
Swirlix with Shiny Stone
Dusclops with Link Stone
Onix evolves with Metal Coat
Probopass evolves with Metal Coat
Porygon evolves with Up-Grade
Porygon2 evolves with Dusk Stone
Sneasel with Dusk Stone
Gligar with Dusk Stone
Happiny with Shiny Stone
Nosepass with Metal Coat
Charjabug evolves at level 36
Crabrawler evolves at level 30
Joltik evolves at Level 32 instead of 36
Clamperl ->Huntail with Water Stone
Clamperl -> Gorebyss with Sun Stone
Rather than a form changer, Rotoms change forms by stones and cannot be reverted back (They learn their corresponding move on evolution and at level 1)
Rotom -> Rotom Heat by Fire Stone
Rotom -> Rotom Wash by Water Stone
Rotom -> Rotom Fan by Shiny Stone
Rotom -> Rotom Frost by Ice Stone
Rotom -> Rotom Cut by Leaf Stone
Rockruff to Lycanroc Dusk when levelled up past Level 25 between 5->7pm (Version 1.10)
Meltan evolves into Melmetal with Metal Coat
Nincada evolves into Shedinja with Dusk Stone