Pokemon CosmicEmerald Locations Guide

Pokemon CosmicEmerald

Also, remember that you can hit Ctrl+F to bring up the search function for ease of use. Printing this,
however, might use a lot of black ink so I don’t recommend it. I wanted to use this style though, makes the
various other colors stand out a bit better in my opinion.
There is a Notes section at the bottom of this document that may answer some questions concerning
obtaining certain Pokémon or reaching certain areas.
================================== Chances: ====================================
Event / IGT (in-game trade): 100%
Roaming: N/A
Very Common: 25%+
Common: 16 – 24%
Uncommon: 10% – 15%
Rare: 4 – 9%
Very Rare: 2%
Extremely Rare: 1%
Yep, I went with a ‘Borderlands’ item colorization theme (except the first 2).
=================================Generation 1: =================================
BULBASAUR = Breed Ivysaur/Venusaur
IVYSAUR = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
CHARMANDER = Breed Charmeleon/Charizard
CHARMELEON = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
SQUIRTLE = Breed Wartortle/Blastoise
WARTORTLE = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
CATERPIE = Petalburg Woods [Very Rare]
METAPOD = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
BUTTERFREE = Faraway Island (interior) [Common]
WEEDLE = Trade a VENONAT @ Rustboro City [IGT]
KAKUNA = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
BEEDRILL = Faraway Island (interior) [Common]
PIDGEY = Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
= Routes 101, 103 [Very Rare]
PIDGEOTTO = Faraway Island (exterior) [Common]
RATTATTA = Rusturf Tunnel [Rare]
RATICATE = New Mauville – Entrance Room [Rare]
SPEAROW = Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
= Routes 102, 113 [Very Rare]
FEAROW = Faraway Island (exterior) [Common]
EKANS = Altering Cave [Common]
ARBOK = Altering Cave [Rare]
NIDORAN M & F = Faraway Island (exterior) [Rare]
CLEFAIRY = Meteor Falls – All rooms (except for Bagon Room) [Very Rare]
PARAS = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
PARASECT = Navel Rock (interior) [Uncommon]
= Faraway Island (interior) [Uncommon]
VENONAT = Route 116 [Rare]
VENOMOTH = Faraway Island (interior) [Uncommon]
DIGLETT = Desert Underpass [Uncommon]
DUGTRIO = Desert Underpass [Rare]
MANKEY = Route 112 [Rare]
GROWLITHE = Route 112 [Rare]
POLIWAG = Route 123 – Pond {surf} [Rare]
BELLSPROUT = Route 123 [Rare]
WEEPINBELL = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
PONYTA = Mt. Pyre – Below Summit [Rare]
SLOWPOKE = Meteor Falls – All water {surf} [Rare]
= Faraway Island (surf) [Very Common]
SLOWBRO = Faraway Island (surf) [Very Common]
FARFETCH’D = Mirage Island [Very Common]**
= Faraway Island (exterior) [Rare]
SEEL = Shoal Cave – Water {surf} [Rare]
SHELLDER = Shoal Cave {Super Rod} [Rare]
= Faraway Island {Old Rod, Good Rod} [Very Common]
= Faraway Island {Good Rod} [Very Common]
GASTLY = Mt. Pyre – All Inner Floors; more common on Top Inner Floor [Very rare/Rare]
HAUNTER = Mt. Pyre – Top Inner Floor [Extremely Rare]
ONIX = Navel Rock (interior) [Common]
STEELIX = Navel Rock (interior) [Extremely Rare]
DROWZEE = Jagged Pass [Very Rare]
KRABBY = Safari Zone – All Non-Expansion Zone water areas {Super Rod} [Rare]
EXEGGCUTE = Safari Zone – First Area [Rare]
CUBONE = Route 111 [Very Rare]
LICKITUNG = Route 119 [Very Rare]
CHANSEY = Safari Zone – West (puddle-filled area) [Very Rare]
TANGELA = Trade a LICKITUNG @ Fortree City [IGT]
KANGASKHAN = Safari Zone – NW Corner (Mach Bike area) [Very Rare]
= Faraway Island (interior) [Uncommon]
MR. MIME – Artisan Cave [Rare]
SCYTHER = Safari Zone – N (Acro Bike area) [Rare]
JYNX = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Very Rare]
ELECTABUZZ = New Mauville – Interior [Very Rare]
MAGMAR = Magma Hideout – Last 2 Rooms (the ones with huge slopes) [Very Rare]
TAUROS = Safari Zone – NW (Mach Bike area) [Uncommon]
LAPRAS = Meteor Falls (Capture 120+ National Dex Pokémon; arrive on a Monday) [Event]
EEVEE = Route 115 [Very Rare]
PORYGON = Trade a MR. MIME) @ Pacifidlog Town [IGT]
OMANYTE = Faraway Island (surf) [Rare]
KABUTO = Faraway Island (surf) [Rare]
AERODACTYL = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
= Defeat Moltres, heal at PKMN Center [Roaming]
SNORLAX = Artisan Cave [Event]
ARTICUNO = Defeat LATI@S, activate by healing at any PKMN Center [Roaming]
ZAPDOS = Defeate ARTICUNO, activate by healing at any PKMN Center [Roaming]
MOLTRES = Defeat ZAPDOS, activate by healing at any PKMN Center [Roaming]
DRATINI = Meteor Falls – Bagon Room {Super Rod} [Very Rare]
= Faraway Island (Good & Super Rod) [Common & Very Common]
DRAGONAIR = Faraway Island (Super Rod) [Rare]
MEWTWO = Seafloor Cavern (Capture 180+ National Dex Pokémon. Hint: You will need to arrive before
sunrise or wake up really early or you’ll miss your chance for that day) [Event]
=================================Generation 2: =================================
CHIKORITA = Navel Rock (exterior) [Rare]
TOTODILE = Navel Rock (exterior) [Rare]
CYNDAQUIL = Navel Rock (exterior) [Rare]
SENTRET = Route 104 [Very Rare]
= Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
TOGEPI = Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
HOPPIP = Safari Zone – Southern Expansion (waterfall area) [Uncommon]
YANMA = Route 116 [Very Rare]
= Navel Rock (exterior) [Uncommon]
MURKROW = Safari Zone – Northern Expansion (crag area) [Uncommon]
MISDREAVUS = Navel Rock (interior) [Rare]
UNOWN = Navel Rock (interior) [Rare]
DUNSPARCE = Desert Underpass [Very Rare]
QWILFISH = Safari Zone – Southern Expansion {Super Rod} [Rare]
SNEASEL = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Rare]
SWINUB = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Rare]
DELIBIRD = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Rare]
MANTINE = Route 130 {surf} [Rare]
TYROGUE = Speak to a guy near the Battle Tower
LARVITAR = Navel Rock (interior) [Rare]
RAIKOU = To begin, meet Wattson after capturing 150+ National Dex captures [Event]
ENTEI = Mt. Chimney’s peak (Certain time of day, after 150+ National Dex captures [Event]
SUICUNE = Route 123 (Certain time of day, after 150+ National Dex captures [Event]
CELEBI = Mystery – After defeating the Event Lati@s and achieving 220 National Dex captures, find the
Mystery Gift receptionist [Event]
=================================Generation 3: =================================
TREECKO = Game Corner/Starter
TORCHIC = Game Corner/Starter
MUDKIP = Game Corner/Starter
HUNTAIL = Low-Personality Clamperl @ level 28*
GOREBYSS = High-Personality Clamperl @ level 28*

All version-specific Hoenn Pokemon are at their normal R/S locations

JIRACHI = Mystery – After defeating the Event Lati@s and achieving a Complete Hoenn Dex, head
towards Mossdeep Space Center*** [Event]
=================================Notes: ========================================
* – High/Low Personality evolution is the same way Wurmple evolves into either Silcoon or Cascoon.
**- Mirage Island requires a complete Hoenn Dex and is visible only at a specific day-phase on Sundays.
*** – Hint if stuck: After obtaining the item, rest up at Littleroot Town (bed) on a certain night of the week.
¤ For all normally Trade-Only evolutions (except Clamperl), use Plasma Stones.
¤ Mirage Island is accessible on Sunday mornings after capturing 180+ National Dex Pokémon.
¤ Event Tickets: First activate Mystery Gift via the questionnaire in Marts. “LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL”.
– Then you will be able to find the receptionist upstairs in all PKMN Centers.

By Sky0fBlades